Simple Fixed Rate Pricing

We offer no surprises when it comes to what it will cost to clean your computer. After the technician has diagnosed your computer problem, he will let you know which of the following packages will cover the cost of repairs:


  • Bronze Package (1/2 Hour) - $39.95               30 Day Warranty
  • Silver Package (1 Hour) - $79.95                      30 Day Warranty
  • Gold Package (1 1/2 Hours) - $129.95            6 Month Warranty
  • Platinum Package (2+ Hours) - $179.95         1 Year Warranty
  • Platinum package includes one (1) extra free remote session in the next year.
One fixed cost!  And you get a warranty on the cleanup as listed with each pricing level. If the exact same situation returns within the warranty period, we will re-investigate and fix the issue at no additional cost.

You Choose Whether To Proceed

After we diagnose your situation, if you choose to not move forward, we simply disconnect from your PC and we’re done – no cost to you, and no obligation. If you want to move forward, we then send you to our secure payment form where we only authorize your credit card for payment. We do not actually charge your card until the work is done and you approve it. We just validate that you are a real person with a valid credit card in order to begin.