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You guys are unbelievable!  In about 10 minutes you logged in, fixed my problem and had my laptop running smooth again.  You saved me hours of aggravation. "

F.D - Peoria, Il

No Charge to Diagnose!

What We Fix:

  • avatar Virus & Spyware Issues Catch a nasty virus? Are you seeing questionable popups wanting you to pay money?

    If you’re not running an anti-virus program, you’re asking for trouble these days. But even with the best anti-virus program available, you can still become infected with a virus that can cause anything from poor performance to complete file loss and compromised personal information.

    Our technicians diagnose and remove Virus and SpyWare infections, enabling your computer to perform like it should and letting you get back to normal.

    We’ll make sure your current Anti-Virus and Anti-SpyWare software is installed and running properly or assist you with installing and configuring new software to protect your PC.

  • avatar Slow performance Computer startup taking forever? Programs sluggish?

    A slow computer can be the result of dozens of different things: hardware issues, network issues, file system corruption, run away or misconfigured programs, an outdated operating system, and of course Viruses and SpyWare.

    Our technicians use their years of experience, expert knowledge, and toolbox of powerful, custom programs to diagnose and fix your computer performance issues. We’ll get you up and running quickly, and set you up for continued performance moving forward.

  • Repairs, Upgrade and Installation Did you accidentally delete a file you need? Can't print to that printer sitting on your desk?

    Our technicians work with you to assist in whatever task you need. Recovery of lost files, setting up your backups, installing an external harddrive, troublshooting printing problems, hooking up your iPod with iTunes, and much more

    If you have a computer problem – we can help! Quickly, easily, and all remotely!

  • Information Backup and Recovery Your Data is important

    we can help you protect it. By setting up backups on your machine/external drive or in the cloud. If you have already had a data loss; we may be able to recover lost files from harddrives, thumbdrives, sd cards and other devices.

How It Works

Our Process

  1. Remote PC access software - Using our secure, industry leading remote PC access software our experienced, certified technicians log in to your computer remotely and diagnose the problem. You can sit back and relax.
  2. Technicians Determine - If our technicians determine they can fix your problem or take care of your support need remotely, we tell you the flat rate charge (starting at $39.95).
  3. Fixing your PC immediately - Our technicians then go to work on fixing your PC immediately! Once we resolve your issue, we then charge your credit card the agreed upon amount – even if it takes us longer than we thought it would – you still only pay the original amount once you are fully satisfied the issue is fixed! If our technicians do NOT fix the issue or you are not satisfied with the results, you do NOT PAY.
  4. Your Choice - If you choose to not move forward, we simply disconnect from your PC and we’re done – no cost to you, and no obligation. If you want to move forward, we then send you to our secure payment form where we only authorize your credit card for payment. We do not actually charge your card until the work is done and you approve it. We just validate that you are a real person with a valid credit card in order to begin.

Who We Are

Our Partners:

Our company has been fixing computers since 1989 – we were around when Windows 2.0 was cutting edge, and the i486 processor was top of the line! In 1989 of course we could not fix a computer remotely – we had to come to your home or business, or you had to bring the computer to us.

But not today. With the increased power of computers and the growing bandwidth available on the Internet, our technicians can fix your computer quickly and effectively from our locations!

We offer a wide range of technology products and expert services, but our core business is fixing computers. We are a Microsoft Certified company with more than 30 people on staff, are qualified to provide the expert services you need to get your broken computer running smooth again, and keep it that way. We have over 150 years of combined IT experience on staff, with a huge list of employee certifications including:

  • CCNA Certifications, CCNP Training, MSCE Certifications, MCP Certifications, MCITP Certifications, MCTS Certifications, MCSA Certifications. A+ Software Certifications, A+ Hardware Certifications, A+ Networking Certifications, ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) Certification

Trust your computer needs to us – we’ll make it right, guaranteed!

No Charge to Diagnose!